Human takeover of conversations

Automated conversations are great for frequent questions and processes, but nothing beats human assistance in complex or high value cases. Enter takeover!

While our experience shows most of your conversations can be automated, in some cases a human conversation is necessary. When cases are complex or if you have a qualified lead or an existing client and you want to provide 5 star service, a conversation with you or someone at your team will beat any conversation with a chatbot.

Our Chatbots as a Service and our Custom chatbots support human takeover. You can offer takeover on Messenger, send your conversations to WhatsApp, or to a videochat. If you go for Messenger, the best part if that you can do this takeover openly, transferring the conversation to a person and telling your client about this, or as a wizard of oz strategy: you can have a human takeover the conversation but keep your chatbot’s avatar, so that your customer believes they’re just talking to a VERY smart chatbot.

Ready to combine human and chatbot superpowers?

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