Promoting your chatbot with ads

One of the best ways to promote your chatbot (and your business) is through ads on the Facebook platform.

Facebook ads are displayed to the audience you define in Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. We’ve seen conversation acquisition costs as low as 0.5$! We bet many of you actually reached us thanks to one of these ads.

The first step to use facebook ads is to define your audience. Work with us or with your preferred expert to find one that’s not too narrow, neither too wide, and work on it to refine it as you learn. Next, make sure to work on your ad. We’re happy to help here too, and there’s plenty of information online if you decide to DIY. Then, start with a moderate budget, let Facebook do their magic, and dial your ad expense up and down depending on your needs and capacity to serve your qualified leads.

Ready to reach more users with chatbots and Facebook ads?

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