Chatbots for law firms

Our chatbots have proven to be useful to law firms, and you can now use them to automate your own qualification process.

Most law firms specialize in a number of legal issues and have refined processes to find their ideal clients, the ones with a highest chance of winning the case and that can help the law firm, and themselves, the most money.

We have templates for different use cases and we achieved great figures for the law firms we worked with, as you can see in the detail page for bots4law. We’ll be happy to work with your legal practice and help you reach more customers for less money, to automate the intake and calculation processes, and to ultimately improve your business figures.

Automate your law firm processes!

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Promoting your chatbot in social channels

Social networks can be a great way to promote your chatbot. If you already have a social audience, we have great news for you.

Our chatbots are super easy to integrate in Facebook with your one click and almost immediately. From then on not only will your visitors be able to start conversations with your chatbot right from your Facebook page, your chatbot will also be able to proactively start conversations with those who comment on posts.

In other social networks the integration is not as straightforward, but it is surely possible, and you can get started with a simple action like adding a link to your chatbot to a post, which requires no authorization from the platforms and hence, no wait times.

Go from social posting to social chatting

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Promoting your chatbot with ads

One of the best ways to promote your chatbot (and your business) is through ads on the Facebook platform.

Facebook ads are displayed to the audience you define in Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. We’ve seen conversation acquisition costs as low as 0.5$! We bet many of you actually reached us thanks to one of these ads.

The first step to use facebook ads is to define your audience. Work with us or with your preferred expert to find one that’s not too narrow, neither too wide, and work on it to refine it as you learn. Next, make sure to work on your ad. We’re happy to help here too, and there’s plenty of information online if you decide to DIY. Then, start with a moderate budget, let Facebook do their magic, and dial your ad expense up and down depending on your needs and capacity to serve your qualified leads.

Ready to reach more users with chatbots and Facebook ads?

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File sharing in chatbots

Chatbots are a great way to receive files from your clients or to share your own files with them.

You chatbots can share files with your customers, such as forms, pdf brochures, audios, or almost anything you can think of. In the same way, you can have your customers share files with you right from Messenger, saving time and avoiding having to use email, a channel not everyone is used to.

Some interesting use cases for this feature are sharing files for print, filled in forms, images of things they need to query you about, or documents they need your legal practice to review. Files are kept in the conversation for a limited time, so remember to save them in your own secure storage to keep them for as long as you need them.

Let’s bring your business to a new level!

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Human takeover of conversations

Automated conversations are great for frequent questions and processes, but nothing beats human assistance in complex or high value cases. Enter takeover!

While our experience shows most of your conversations can be automated, in some cases a human conversation is necessary. When cases are complex or if you have a qualified lead or an existing client and you want to provide 5 star service, a conversation with you or someone at your team will beat any conversation with a chatbot.

Our Chatbots as a Service and our Custom chatbots support human takeover. You can offer takeover on Messenger, send your conversations to WhatsApp, or to a videochat. If you go for Messenger, the best part if that you can do this takeover openly, transferring the conversation to a person and telling your client about this, or as a wizard of oz strategy: you can have a human takeover the conversation but keep your chatbot’s avatar, so that your customer believes they’re just talking to a VERY smart chatbot.

Ready to combine human and chatbot superpowers?

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Multilingual chatbots

Chatbots can be translated to many languages to give support to users all around the world.

Our chatbot templates and automatic answers to common greeting expressions are currently available in 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. This is more than most business owners and customer service representatives speak, so chatbots may be a great way to serve more of your customers in their native language if you run an international business.

Chatbots automatically detect the languages of the people chatting with them to talk to them in the preferred language. If their device language is not currently translated, we’ll offer them a way to select the language they preferred from our list.

Serve your clients in their native languages

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Chatbot flow templates

The hardest part of building a great chatbot is defining the conversation flow and the dialogues. Our templates reduce the setup time and increase engagement.

A large part of the cost of creating a chatbot for a business goes for the conversational flow design and the creation of the dialogues. Many times, this huge expense in time and money is not compensated with the quality of the results, as there is a refinement time that can’t be waved… unless you use templates.

Our templates have been validated with million of conversations and thousands of little tweaks that have improved the engagement rates and the customer satisfaction. We have templates for different needs and business types you can use with the Chatbot as a Service and Free plans, and continuously create new templates for our Custom chatbot users.

We have a template for you to get started!

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Messaging in marketing strategies

Messaging is a winning marketing strategy: if performs 3x better than email marketing and amplifies your strategies in other channels.

Open and response rates for messaging marketing campaigns are 3x better than email marketing. Chatbots can easily be integrated in Facebook, Twitter and other channels you may already be using, and since they are still new to many users, they are memorable and contribute to make your brand stand out.

Chatbots can be used to reach more people, combining a viral potential with very low customer acquisition costs. They are an open channel with anyone that ever chats with your bot, and sponsored messages have very low cost and very good results when well designed.

Ready for messenger marketing?

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Credit card payments in chatbots

Chatbots can be used to sell products or services, as they can automatically processing credit card payments.

You can show your product or service catalogue to your customers and allow they to make orders and pay for them without leaving the chat window.

Chatbots in any tier at bots4life can be integrated with any Stripe account, the global leader in payment processing, and you can integrate them with any other processor you need with our custom plans.

Do you want to start making money on messenger?

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What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a software program that can keep conversations over text or voice chats.

Instead of using forms and buttons, as you would in a traditional website, e-commerce or mobile application, you can interact with chatbots from pre-existing websites and messaging channels, using your own words and voice.

Machines that can speak and talk have been in the minds of humans for a looooong while (you can read more about the history of chatbots in this post), but it is now when the technology has finally reached a point in which chatbots can help real businesses and real people. Chatbots are interesting for businesses because they reduce the friction some users find in online interactions.

Still unsure of what a chatbot is?

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