Un plan para cada negocio

  • Por un tiempo limitado
  • 5 FAQs
    Recoge datos de contacto
    Automatiza tus reservas
A medida
  • 20 FAQs
    Vende productos
    Acepta pagos
    Cualifica oportunidades

Servicios adicionales

Añade extras a tu paquete mensual para darle superpoderes a tu chatbot.

10 FAQs más

Train your chatbot to answer 10 more FAQs, forever. Just tell us one way to ask the question and the correct answer and we will make sure your chatbot understands it even if your clients use different expressions or include typos.

Canales a medida

Integrate with your chatbot with a channel of your preference. All chatbots can be integrated with Messenger and your Website and can be integrated with any other channel, including WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram…

NLP a medida

Use a different or additional natural language processing engine to match your business preferences or to multiply the performance of your chatbot’s understanding.


We can design a monthly report for your business and deliver it to appointed people in your team every day, week or month.

Panel de análisis

With our analytics dashboard you will be able to access real time analytics about your chatbot tailored to your business interests anywhere you are.

Idiomas extra

Our chatbots can speak Spanish, English, German, French and Italian. All plans come with one language, but you can add more languages to reach a broader audience.

Preguntas frecuentes (FAQs)

What’s included in the Free plan?

You can opt in for a free plan that includes 2 questions for three months. We hope this will help you make up your mind and get convinced about the potential of conversational interfaces.

What’s included in the Basic plan?

A chatbot for your business, based in one of our templates. Answer 5 frequently asked questions, let users book time with you, right in your calendar, and automatically collect emails of phone numbers.

What’s included in a Custom bot?
  • Customized dialogues and notification emails.
  • 20 frequently asked questions.
  • Up to 50 catalogue items.
  • Customized avatar name and image.
  • A custom personality and personal history.

What channels are available?

You can currently use your chatbot in Facebook Messenger and your Website for free. If you want to install in in additional channels, there’s an extension for that!

What questions can chatbots answer?

All the chatbots we create are automatically able to respond to hundreds greetings and other common expressions. Your chatbot will be able to answer questions about your own business, expressed in different ways.

We do this through artificial intelligence algorithms for natural language processing. Chatbots can identify different expressions linked to the same question through Training. When you make your own bot, you have to do this Training yourself, which can be tedious and time consuming if you are new to it. The good news is that we take care of your training: all you have to do is provide us the initial questions and answers.

  • Our free plan includes answers to 2 other questions of your preference.
  • Chatbot as a Service plans include answers to 10 questions.
  • Custom plans include 20 questions.
  • You can add as many questions with Training Packs.
What if I don’t want to use my chatbot anymore?

You can cancel your membership at any time, and we will disconnect your chatbot in less than 24h.

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