Use Cases

We have designed ready to use chatbots tailored to the needs of each business.


Qualify leads & schedule visits 24/7

Our bots handle different qualification flows, integrate with your calendar to schedule visits, and email you all the details you need to start your legal consult preparation.


Collect appointment requests, answer FAQs, send reminders, and help your patients adopt healthy habits.


Offer personalized itineraries for your city and learn from what your visitors like. Let curators grow your experience catalogue.


Share news about trends and new arrivals. Showcase your catalog and sell your products inside Facebook Messenger.


Reservations and messenger payments

Display your services, push your new social media content to your messenger users, automatically collect appointment requests in sync with your own calendar and collect payments ahead of visits right from messenger.


Share personalized news updates with your audience and ask them followup questions to learn about your audience.


Publish offers, collect candidates info and transition them into employees or inform them about new processes.


Engage with your brand fans through weekly recipes and help them make regular or one time orders.


Show and sell your toys, share spicy ideas and content and build long-lasting relationships in which flames don’t fade.


Automate 1:1 conversations

Enable 1:1 conversations with your followers to run contests, ask questions about your posts and videos, or share exclusive content with paying or VIP followers.


Promote your event, share your program, announce your speakers and collect feedback. Are you a speaker? Then this bot may also be for you.


Are you looking for a home? Do you work in real Estate? Our bots4homes help connect homes and humans.


Showcase your jewellery and collect orders from customers who want something unique done.

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